Hebrew Amulet: E-l Sha-dd-ai & ARGAMAN .......
Hebrew Amulet: E-l Sha-dd-ai & ARGAMAN .......

E-l Sha-dd-ai Amulet: a hand-shaped amulet with the invocation E-l Sha-dd-ai translated as "G-d Almighty One", followed by ARGAMAN, an acronym for the five archangels: Uriel, Rafael, Gabriel, Michael and Nuriel. The main line is from Proverbs 15:1 and according to the Mecubalim (a person who is learned in the mystic doctrine concerning G-d and the Universe) it will strengthen your memory. The closing inscriptions are "Thou are mighty forever O Lord" and "May it be Thy Will, Amen".
Superscription: El-Shaddai
Line 1 RGAMAN. Initial letters of Uriel, Rafael, Gabriel,Michael and Nuriel.
Line 2 Prov.15:1 To strengthen the memory.
Line 3 Thou art mighty forever O Lord (Initial letters)
Line 4 (Initial letters) May it be thy will. Amen.
Line 5 Amen.

E-l Sha-dd-ai Amulet 14K Yellow GOLD
Size Inches ID No. Price
Charm 1-1/16" x 9/16" AE-CE/G $365
Small 1-1/8" x 5/8" AE-SR/G $488
Medium 1-3/16" x 11/16" AE-ME/G $566

Translation of the Hebrew Provided with the purchase of each pendant.
E after an ID No. denotes that the Hebrew letters are engraved
after an ID No. denotes that the Hebrew letters are in relief.

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