Pomegranate: the pomegranate symbolizes "the House of (King) David", and is the sixth of the seven species. Pomegranate is associated with Rosh Hashanah. The top of the fruit is shaped like a crown and the midrash tells us it has 613 seeds. The priestly garment was decorated with golden bells and pomegranates on the hem. The silver ornaments on the staves of the Torah are called Rimmonim (pomegranates), and are likewise decorated with tiny bells.

Aleph: is the first and most mysterious of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The letter is formed by a Yod above (representing the higher reality) and a Yod below (representing the lower reality) with a diagonal Vav between them (representing Torah and mitzvot) simultaneously serving as a separator and mediator between the forces of the upper and lower world.

Alef w/ Pomegranate Leaves 14K Yellow GOLD/ 14K White Gold Alef
Inches ID No. Price 
1-9/16" x 5/8" AP-M0/G $810



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