Hebrew Yishmereni Amulet: "The Almighty will Guard Me"

G-d's 42 Letter Name Amulet: "With the Help of G-d shall we achive and succeed"

Yishmereni Amulet: a small hamsa (see hamsa) shaped charm. G-d is invoked by the mystical name of Sha-dd-ai translated as "the Almighty or Powerful One". This name is often used on amulets as protection against magic. The following line is a request for protection with the word Yismereni, meaning: " Will guard me". The last word is Amen, an acronym for "El Melech Ne'eman" meaning "G-d Faithful King".

Superscription: Sha-dd-ai
Line 1 Yishmereni, Will guard me.
Line 2 (initial letters) May it be thy will, Amen.

 Yishmereni Amulet 14K GOLD
Size Inches ID No. Price 
Charm 1" x 1/2" AY-CR/G $340
Charm 1-1/8 " x 5/8" AY-CE/G $470
Small 1-1/4" x 3/4" AY-SR/G $585
Small 1-3/8" x 7/8" AY-SE/G $680

Translation of the Hebrew Provided with the purchase of each amulet.
E after an ID No. denotes that the Hebrew letters are engraved
after an ID No. denotes that the Hebrew letters are in relief.


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