Hamsa B'Yado Pendant: " Yishmereni B'Yado"

Hamsa B'Yado Pendant: " Yishmereni B'Yado"

Hamsa B'Yado : The basic shape of this pendant is the hamsa hand, decorated with a pattern of the Star of David as a stylized continuous flower pattern. The letter SHIN is an acronym for Sha-dd-ai translated as "The Almighty" or "Powerful One". This is often used on amulets as protection against magic.

The inscription under the letter shin "Yishmereni B'Yado" translates as:" He will guard me in his Hand" and is often inscribed on ancient Hebrew amulets.

Hamsa Hand: The symbol of the hand (Hamsa, Semitic root meaning five) in Mediterranean cultures is ancient. There are speculations that the Jews were among the first to use it as a protective amulet. This tradition predates the Muslim use of the Hamsa (called the hand of Fatima, daughter of Mohammed) by at least a thousand years.

Hamsa B'Yado / Pendant Silver /14K Yellow Gold Shin 14K Yellow GOLD/ White Gold Shin
Size Inches ID No. Price  ID No. Price 
Small 1-1/2" x 7/8" HBS-S $156 HBS-S/G $918
Large 1-15/16" x 1-1/8" HBS-L $195 HBS-L/G $1236

Translation / Explanation of the Hebrew Provided with the purchase of each pendant.

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