Hamsa Gan-Eden Pendant: " B'Shem Sh'Chai L'Olam"
Hamsa Gan-Eden Pendant: " B'Shem Sh'Chai L'Olam"
Hamsa Gan-Eden: this pendant is inspired from sources found on ancient Hebrew amulets: it's inscriptions and images are within the traditional boundaries and also attempt to be more contemporary. The Creator is invoked by E-l Sha-dd-ai hs- a k- t ( written on the middle finger) and as: "B'Shem Sh'Chai L'Olam" (in "the Name of the One who lives forever"), written under the tree. The remaining fingers are inscribed with the names of the four rivers that flow forth from the tree of life: Pishon, Gihon, Hidkal and Eufrat. From Ginzberg's Legends of the Jewish, volume I, page 70: In Paradise stands the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, the later forming a hedge around the former. Only he who have cleared a path for himself though the tree of knowledge can come close to the tree of life, which is so great that it would take a man five hundred years to travel the distance equal to the diameter of the trunk, and no less vast is the space shaded by its crown of branches. From beneath it flows forth water that irrigates the whole earth. From volume II page 314: Moses saw a spring of living water welling up from the tree of life and divide into four streams...one of honey , the second of milk, the third of wine and, and the fourth of pure balsam. (The four rivers are mentioned in Genesis II, verse 10-14.)

Hamsa Gan-Eden Pendant Silver / 14K Gold Tree 14K GOLD/ White Gold Tree
Size Inches ID No. Price ID No. Price
1-7/16"x 3/4"
1-7/16"x 3/4"
1-7/8" x 1"
1-7/8" x 1"

Translation / Explanation of the Hebrew Provided with the purchase of each pendant.

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