Adam and Eve locket w/ grape-leaf border and rubies.
Adam and Eve locket: "last peaceful moment on earth!"

Adam and Eve Locket with Grape-Leaf Border: picturing the "Last peaceful moment on earth!" or "The moment of the big bang!" according to the Kabbalists. Here Adam is holding the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and Eve is glancing up at the snake: "Nuuuu!" The figures are 14K gold and the tree has golden fruits.

The Lockets with Grape-Leaf Borders are very special and present a technical challenge that has taken years to perfect. These heirloom treasures are a delight
in craftsmanship.

View of Open Locket

Large Adam & Eve Locket
Pendant and Brooch
14K Yellow & White Gold
Description: Grape-Leaf Border Inches ID No. Price
Amethysts (1) or Garnets (2),
1x (4mm AA) and 3x (3mm AA)

2" x 1-1/8"


Rubies (3)  or Sapphires (4),
1x (3mm AA) and 4x (2.5mm AA) and 1x (2mm AA)

2" x 1-1/8"


Diamonds SI1/GH (5), 1x (0.10ct), 3x (0.07ct)
1x (0.05ct
) and 2x (0.03ct)

2" x 1-1/8"



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