Mezuzah Pendant: "Guard the Gates of Israel ..."
Mezuzah Pendant: "Guard the Gates of Israel ..."
Mezuzah Pendants: since ancient times the mezuzah has been regarded as a symbol of the Jewish faith. Inside the mezuzah case is a small piece of parchment inscribed, in twenty two lines, with the Biblical passages from Deuteronomy: 6, 4-9 and 11,13-21. This is also part of the Shema (see Shema Pendant). Shaddai or Shin are written on the outside of the mezuzah case. Shaddai is an acronym for: "Guard the gates of Israel". The case has a small opening on the front to reveal the word Shaddai, written on the backside of the klaf (parchment) when it is folded just right. The mezuzah, affixed to the doorpost, is a reminder of the Jewish people's dedication to the commandments and their loyalty to G-d as well as a source of divine protection. In ancient times, the mezuzah was regarded as an amulet against demons and inscribed with the names of angels. This practice was frowned upon by Maimonides and was not permitted.

 Mezuzah /Pendant  14K Yellow or White GOLD

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1-1/2" x 1/4"


1-3/4" x 5/16"


This is a symbolic mezuzah and does not contain a scroll.
Translation / Explanation of the Hebrew Provided with the purchase of each pendant.

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