Pomegranate Necklace w/ Silver Leaves & Gold Beats.
Pomegranate Necklace: the pomegranate symbolizes "the House of (King) David", and is the sixth of the seven species. Pomegranate is associated with Rosh Hashanah. The top of the fruit is shaped like a crown and the midrash tells us it has 613 seeds. The priestly garment was decorated with golden bells and pomegranates on the hem. The silver ornaments on the staves of the Torah are called Rimmonim (pomegranates), and are likewise decorated with tiny bells.


These are the pomegranate locks for the silver or gold necklaces.

All necklaces are 19 inches long and are adjustable to 17.5 inches or 16 inches.

Any size available upon request.

Pomegranate Necklace II SILVER LEAVES, Gold Beats
Oxidized Silver Tube-Beads
14K GOLD LEAVES, Gold Beats & Lock
Oxidized Silver Tube-Beats
Size: 19" ID No. Price  ID No. Price 
No stones NE4-P0/S $610 NE4-P0/G-19" $2695
Amethysts (1) or Garnets (2),
3x (3mm AA) and 4x (2.5mm AA)
NE4-P1or2/S $680 NE4-P1or2/G $2755
Rubies (3) or Sapphires (4),
5x (2.5mm AA) and 2x (2mm AA)
Diamonds SI1/GH (5), 5x (0.05ct),
and 2x (0.03ct)
    NE4-P5/G $3218

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