Inverted Tree of Life: " and the origin of the Tree is above... "

Inverted Tree of Live: According to legend the tree of life has its roots in heaven. It is there that the Creator resides and hence from there the roots originate. The torah is likened to the tree of life as are the ten sephirot. From Ginzberg's Legends of the Jewish, volume I, page 70: In Paradise stands the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, the later forming a hedge around the former. Only he who have cleared a path for himself though the tree of knowledge can come close to the tree of life, which is so great that it would take a man five hundred years to travel the distance equal to the diameter of the trunk, and no less vast is the space shaded by its crown of branches. From beneath it flows forth water that irrigates the whole earth.

Inverted Tree of Life Silver / 14K Yellow Gold Tree 14K Yellow GOLD/ White Gold Tree
Size Inches ID No. Price ID No. Price
Small 1 5/8" x 7/8" PI-S $325 PI-S/G $385
Large 1 7/8" x 1" PI-L $385 PI-L/G $1018

Explanation Provided with the purchase of each pendant.

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